Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesselle (Jazzy Girl) Page

Unsung Harlem hero
By Kevin Fountain Brother of the Hero

Once a upon, in a place called Harlem, lived a beautiful women named Jesselle Page. Although she appear normal . She was chosen by God to perform an unordinary task that in entailed the deepest act of bravery that some great warriors aren’t capable of .
Jesselle Page, Jazzy, was the name her friends called her. She was 5’5 and was round as a rare but beautiful plum. Round in the face with the most beautiful smile, which was bright as the Sun with that same burning warmth. Before I go any farther in this song, I say to you: are you brave?
Jazzy, had an amazing zest for life, she was a nature snap artist, funny as hell. Her other talents were actually part of her physical disable that she overcame in time. Let me explain she suffered from the worst type of seizures and headaches imagable. She was also incapable of having children. These things became the cornerstone of her life. She couldn’t work a job of routine, because of her seizures, however, she take care of her fiends and her friends children. Overcoming many feeling associated with her physical inability. She smiled a lot and you never thought of her as someone weak. She never got her GED, but she was will read and her favored pass time was the I witness News Team. She could tell you who the anchor was when they came and when they left. She also watched the soaps, as well.