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Best Meetup Perk

Hello, My name is Kevin Fountain and We have a Luxurious two bedroom apartment for temporary stay for a group.4-6.For meetups

This apartment is located in the Bronx area( three stops away from Manhattan) for the movement we have special rates.

Please call the Primary Owner For rates Ms. Cheryl Williams 1-917-714-9316

Cable& internet
Full Kitchen/
Jacuzzi bath tub/two bathrooms
Furnished , Rooms
Special pet accommodation (backyard)
Van service available (special rates)

Kevin Fountain
Personal Assistant

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Evolving Blog: Peace Now

EB + PEACE NOW = Action Now

This blog started as a memorial to my sister who was killed saving my nephews life . The first post was a picture of us sitting across the street from Macys in the park. We had a friendship as deep as the sea and as wide as earth itself. I began blogging months after she pasted just to find escape.
Each post turned me in a slightly different direction, ever moving without my plan. Still this Blog is about busting my gut and feeling the words fall. Out of this whole thing the blog has itself been a necessary distraction for personal survival helping me deal with the grief. My little sister was my higher conscious; she had an ability to help me cope with the feelings. Somehow blogging has become a past time that helps me deal.
Peace Now became the title of this blog when it became clear to me; what do I want out of this blogging experience. It’s more of a statement of what I really want. Peace of mind and Peace for my Community and Peace from Gun violence. Peace for any child under pressure of any kind.
Now, after reading a post in the Tribal blog about blogging Traumatic Events I’m in it to win it. The blog has purpose and direction; with a big missions to help people like me. The fact that blogging has give me meaning by allowing me to express and somehow bare my grief a little bit better, I’m hooked.
The facts that most people only get the short meaning of this blog Peace Now prompted me to write this journey since my sister’s death.
The reviews and comments have helped me understand that people are bigger than I have imagined and Sharing is caring.
Fact sheets
The man that killed my sister
Letter to the man that killed Jesselle Page
More violence in the past year
Bloomberg answers the Call
The solution to Loose Gun Violence

The Evolving Blog: Peace Now
The Evolving Blog: Peace Now is a post on how my blog evoled from a photo and a bad story to a personal Quest for Peace.

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Justly Liable: Mr Terrance Villanueva

We lie the loudest when
We lie to ourselves.
-Eric Hoffer
After 8 days of testimony no Fridays, no Saturdays, or Sundays; 12 pieces of evidence, and 11 witnesses. The big twelve was there and the court had its days of the Testimony. And it was a day of the civil. Of cause, everything went as it was supposed to go. The judge, defence and the D.A were there and every detail fell in line with Law. The court was in session on the matter of Mr. Terrance Villanueva in the shooting death of my sister Jesselle Page. I really wanted something to be wrong, but my mind failed me on that note. Yes, the ball was rolling down hill fast and its destination was Justice.
I escaped for a minute by looking over at Mr. Villanueva he was pensive. The judge had asked the court officer something and the room filled with a different type of air. It was tension as I saw the bailer pass the paper to the smallest juror; she was a beautiful Spanish lady with a warm smile. I remember looking her over, however; she didn’t have that smile now. She had that griming look like - I don’t take know shit.
And words cut though the air and I couldn’t hear them.
I was partly still locked in Mr. Villanueva face knowing he had no idea of what he was truly facing.
I looked back and the smallest juror was rising from her seat. She was holding the paper from the bailer. The next five words were from the movie or every movie that ever had a verdict scene. I was back in the moment’ Has the jury reached its decision’ the judge extolled.
Yes, You Honor
And to the first charge, Murder in the first degree.
Not guilty Said’ the little Spanish lady.
My niece who I had forgot about. Said’ fuck no under her breath.
There was a short breath and then the second charge was announced and the whole room change again. My niece had moved around and fixes her skirt again. Looking like she was going to take over the court room and pronounce verdict sentencing herself.
And to the Second charge of, Murder in the second degree.
Guilty said the wonderful Spanish lady.
Instantly, my mind started replay and I was back at the DAs summation. His words gained momentum when he started talking about Mr. Villanueva . He drew pictures in Mr. Villanueva own words. The DA used words from tape recorded phone conversations using the slang gang banging terms to gritty for this account. No human being should ever speak about another human beings death in a non-caring manner. But he did and it cost him his freedom. It’s strange how the gun evidence didn’t convict him or the eyewitness accounts which were a bit shaky under pressure. Or for that matter, the expert witness who stopped in a nervous way every two seconds was making it appear like he was lying during questioning. Mr. Villanueva choice of words and his rude attitude killed his chance.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why, I Love my community.

After doing ten years in prison. After using drugs on and off for the last 8 years. after working as a human service worker for 10 years,in every other field. Substance abuse counseling, nurses aide, personal assistant and just working. I came to the conclusion that my choice to do nothing is not good at all. Their has always been someone on this road telling me to do better:Get your life together, Kevin. Some said it loud without knowing me at all. My grandmother put time in with me. The program I went into in 1999 did more than there share helping me understand my addiction. The senior counselor there, that wonderful Spanish man Mr.Perez: he was the father I never had. He said' Kevin becoming a counselor wont save you from your addiction. You will have to save yourself.
I heard that on a deep level and it became a place I couldn't get around.
Recently, my sister was killed saving my nephews life( wake up call). First I was crying for her day after day. My crying became sobbing and I realized that I was crying for her, I was crying for me. I had become my worst image of myself back to drinking and walking the streets acting out my best ignorance.The women I was living with had faith in me and I couldn't believe how much love she had for me. She would pray for me while I sleep and took me to church with her. Praying with me hour after hour. What else did I need to convince me that its my turn to give back. Stop being so selfish, share, give more than you take. Stop looking for a rose garden. Stop asking for things you didn't work for. Wasn't it Malcolm X that said" you are either a part of the solution or part of the problem. Today, I am one man standing up. To be a helper and not a sorry son of ignorance. Its not because my demons are after me its because I'm sick and tired of my own weak voice. I went though all this stuff to miss the point, no, I am a strong man and this means I must serve my family and my community. The chains of violence have taken the best part of me, but I'm not going to give up so easy. I have my health and strength and I'm giving back with every breath I take. I have loss family and friends to this thing called ignorance. I have taken advantage of those that love me by not considering them.I will leave something behind for someone else to carry on if not only a few works of encouragement.

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The Blog of P.U.R.E. and Sue Scheff: Bullying Prevention and Awareness: Choose Peace-St...

The Blog of P.U.R.E. and Sue Scheff: Bullying Prevention and Awareness: Choose Peace-St...: "Broward County Public Schools is taking back control in our communities.  After last year's horrific incidents with our local students, Mi..."

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Still Crying-2011

I have always been "The Man" and did the things the men "Do". Somehow,the script has changed. I have just kept on crying since(7/09. I know better, however; life has a funny way of handing you a ball of stuff to figure out on your own. What to do next can be a hard egg to crack. Im flowing, but,things are differnt now. Looking for a job and moving without a Job can be hard to do and facing the facts can be the hard part. This is still the hardest thing to get over "The death of my little sister". Whats next can it get any harder than this. I will find the middle ground and overcome this unemployed way of life part of my life. Two years have passed and I still cant seem to get it together. I go to church every sunday, and I know God has been working on me. I love the lord and I know he LOVES ME IN A BIG WAY.