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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Justly Liable: Mr Terrance Villanueva

We lie the loudest when
We lie to ourselves.
-Eric Hoffer
After 8 days of testimony no Fridays, no Saturdays, or Sundays; 12 pieces of evidence, and 11 witnesses. The big twelve was there and the court had its days of the Testimony. And it was a day of the civil. Of cause, everything went as it was supposed to go. The judge, defence and the D.A were there and every detail fell in line with Law. The court was in session on the matter of Mr. Terrance Villanueva in the shooting death of my sister Jesselle Page. I really wanted something to be wrong, but my mind failed me on that note. Yes, the ball was rolling down hill fast and its destination was Justice.
I escaped for a minute by looking over at Mr. Villanueva he was pensive. The judge had asked the court officer something and the room filled with a different type of air. It was tension as I saw the bailer pass the paper to the smallest juror; she was a beautiful Spanish lady with a warm smile. I remember looking her over, however; she didn’t have that smile now. She had that griming look like - I don’t take know shit.
And words cut though the air and I couldn’t hear them.
I was partly still locked in Mr. Villanueva face knowing he had no idea of what he was truly facing.
I looked back and the smallest juror was rising from her seat. She was holding the paper from the bailer. The next five words were from the movie or every movie that ever had a verdict scene. I was back in the moment’ Has the jury reached its decision’ the judge extolled.
Yes, You Honor
And to the first charge, Murder in the first degree.
Not guilty Said’ the little Spanish lady.
My niece who I had forgot about. Said’ fuck no under her breath.
There was a short breath and then the second charge was announced and the whole room change again. My niece had moved around and fixes her skirt again. Looking like she was going to take over the court room and pronounce verdict sentencing herself.
And to the Second charge of, Murder in the second degree.
Guilty said the wonderful Spanish lady.
Instantly, my mind started replay and I was back at the DAs summation. His words gained momentum when he started talking about Mr. Villanueva . He drew pictures in Mr. Villanueva own words. The DA used words from tape recorded phone conversations using the slang gang banging terms to gritty for this account. No human being should ever speak about another human beings death in a non-caring manner. But he did and it cost him his freedom. It’s strange how the gun evidence didn’t convict him or the eyewitness accounts which were a bit shaky under pressure. Or for that matter, the expert witness who stopped in a nervous way every two seconds was making it appear like he was lying during questioning. Mr. Villanueva choice of words and his rude attitude killed his chance.