Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Evolving Blog: Peace Now

EB + PEACE NOW = Action Now

This blog started as a memorial to my sister who was killed saving my nephews life . The first post was a picture of us sitting across the street from Macys in the park. We had a friendship as deep as the sea and as wide as earth itself. I began blogging months after she pasted just to find escape.
Each post turned me in a slightly different direction, ever moving without my plan. Still this Blog is about busting my gut and feeling the words fall. Out of this whole thing the blog has itself been a necessary distraction for personal survival helping me deal with the grief. My little sister was my higher conscious; she had an ability to help me cope with the feelings. Somehow blogging has become a past time that helps me deal.
Peace Now became the title of this blog when it became clear to me; what do I want out of this blogging experience. It’s more of a statement of what I really want. Peace of mind and Peace for my Community and Peace from Gun violence. Peace for any child under pressure of any kind.
Now, after reading a post in the Tribal blog about blogging Traumatic Events I’m in it to win it. The blog has purpose and direction; with a big missions to help people like me. The fact that blogging has give me meaning by allowing me to express and somehow bare my grief a little bit better, I’m hooked.
The facts that most people only get the short meaning of this blog Peace Now prompted me to write this journey since my sister’s death.
The reviews and comments have helped me understand that people are bigger than I have imagined and Sharing is caring.
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The Evolving Blog: Peace Now
The Evolving Blog: Peace Now is a post on how my blog evoled from a photo and a bad story to a personal Quest for Peace.