Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Crying-2011

I have always been "The Man" and did the things the men "Do". Somehow,the script has changed. I have just kept on crying since(7/09. I know better, however; life has a funny way of handing you a ball of stuff to figure out on your own. What to do next can be a hard egg to crack. Im flowing, but,things are differnt now. Looking for a job and moving without a Job can be hard to do and facing the facts can be the hard part. This is still the hardest thing to get over "The death of my little sister". Whats next can it get any harder than this. I will find the middle ground and overcome this unemployed way of life part of my life. Two years have passed and I still cant seem to get it together. I go to church every sunday, and I know God has been working on me. I love the lord and I know he LOVES ME IN A BIG WAY.