Saturday, May 15, 2010

senseless Violence

I can still hear, my mother telling me Kevin " you, can lie to me ;you can lie to Mr. Page ,But once you start Lieing to your self. You are finished. Kevin you start believing your own lies. You won't know which day is Sunday. Without changing anything said that's the life many of us live without waking up until it to late. We all have beliefs we support that don't have ground to stand on. And many of us will die for something we don't even know where it came from. Not to mention, believing in stuff that don't have anything to do with being black let-a-loan respect for ones self.

I once heard a man say" theres two messages out ther in the world; one message is good and one message is the Dead of the Black Man. Everyday I hear child playing in the playground cursing and trying to sound like some charter that they protend to be. Adults sitting in the back ground thats rigth little bitch.

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