Sunday, June 20, 2010

Letter to Terrance Villanueva ;The man who killed Jesselle Page

I started this blog in deep sorrow for my sisters’ death. I am so angry that this has happened and that I am powerless. My anger has grown and I always want to down play my part in this. I want justice for this guy, who killed my little sister and I want him to burn in hell. However, that’s not it, my part, What about me; didn’t I do the same thing he did-not to long ago? Kill someone, black, like me (1982). Didn’t I run around in the streets acting like a fool, drinking, over reacting; impulsive stuff? Didn’t I do the same thing he did? Yes, I did. I spent ten years in prison for killing another human being. He has family somewhere and they must feel the same way I do about the lost of my sister. Their pain, God forgives me. I am not as much a victim as I claim. I stand in the same place as Terrance Villanueva the man that killed my sister. I am no better than he.
Dear, Mr. Terrance Villanueva 6-20-2010
I am angry with you, but I don’t hate you. I am still grieving and if you don’t have any remorse for killing my sister that’s okay to. What I can give you is this:
• Learn how to pray, it will help you get though long periods of loneness, shame and other feelings, that you may have never felt before.
Pray also that you enter your personal healing process. I know that feelings like deep remorse is necessary to move on in life, however, a man can be numb-ness for along time and stay too long in the dark shadows of ignorance. Prayer is the only way to the cool waters of healing, seek your own process.
• READ about our great leaders and heroes. There’s something about the images of other great men that makes you want to be a better man. You will naturally store these images in the back of your mind. If you are smart you will use them later as the foundation for a new life. Get some slogans to, like:” If you are not a part of the solution- You are apart of the problem.
• Understand: that in each man, women and child there is a spark of God. Acknowledge this and you will have a clear understanding of peace. Peace of mind is the life we should live.
• “How could you claim to LOVE God Whom you cannot see and Disrespect your brother, whom you see everyday.”My question to you my brother is this: Will GOD hear your prayer.
Though, the GRACE of GOD
Kevin Fountain
Father’s day 6-20-2010

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